Why do you need registration

Registration is needed for active participation in the life of the club.

There are two ways of registration:

«Virtual member of the club» — registration by pseudonym (nickname).

Rights: comment articles, participate in discussions and polls, support other commentators.

Restrictions: impossible to pose questions to the speaker.

«Real member of the club» — registration by your real name and completion of your profile.

Extended rights: comment all published articles, pose questions to any speakers, start own discussions on forums, exchange contacts with other members of the club, participate in competitions as an author, suggest own articles for publication, engage in direct communication with the Chairman of the club, become an OSport.pro speaker. Read for more info

Restrictions: none.

Registration as a member of the club

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Attention! Please be careful with the choice of nickname, because you will only be able to change it by contacting the moderator of the club. We recommend to register with your real name from the beginning, because after some time you may desire to become a Real member of the club or a Speaker. But it will be a tedious job to change your name. Restrictions for a pseudonym (nickname) choice:

Only letters (A-Z, a-z) and numbers (0-9), no less than 3 and no more than 25 symbols. Nicknames with website titles, firm brand names, rude or obscene lexis, provoking names like «Adolf Hitler» will be blocked.